Top 10 Radiology Degree Programs

Looking for radiology technician programs that will prepare you for a career in this exciting medical field without having to finish four or more years of college? There are several radiology degree programs that can help you achieve this goal. Consider the following top 10 radiology programs if you are thinking of a career in this field:

1. Anthem College has a Limited Scope X-ray Technician program at its location in Denver, CO, and its Portland, OR campus also offers dental assisting, massage, medical assisting, medical billing & coding, pharmacy technician and surgical technologist programs.

2. Argosy University offers an Associate of Applied Science in Radiology Technology at its Twin Cities, MN campus, as well as an Associate of Applied Science in Diagnostic Medical Sonography, Associate of Science in Medical Laboratory Technology and Associate of Science in Radiation Therapy.

3. The Bryman School’s Arizona campus offers a Practical Technologist in Radiology program, in addition to health care programs such as dental assisting, hospital unit coordinator, medical assisting, medical billing & coding, pharmacy technician and surgical technologist.

4. Concorde Career Colleges in Aurora, CO offers radiology programs in radiologic technology and other programs such as dental assisting to prepare students for careers in the medical field.

5. ECPI College of Technology offers several radiology programs at its Virginia campuses, including medical imaging and medical imaging equipment technology.

6. Institute of Allied Medical Professions has several radiology degree programs at its Delray Beach, FL campus, such as diagnostic medical sonography and radiological technology.

7. Kaplan College offers several allied health degrees that could be useful for future dental assistants, medical assistants and radiology technicians with campuses all over the nation.

8. Keiser University offers radiology degree programs in diagnostic medical sonography, diagnostic vascular sonography and radiology with campus locations in Daytona Beach, Jacksonville, Orlando and Tampa, FL.

9. South College offers an Associate of Science in Radiography and Bachelor of Science in Health Science at its Tennessee campus.

10. Virginia College offers radiology technician programs including diagnostic medical sonography degrees and radiology associate’s degrees at its Southern campuses in Birmingham, AL and Austin, TX.

The Cost Of A Worthless Degree From California State University Just Got More Costly

Inflation has been all but non-existent during the Obama Years, yet you wouldn’t know that looking at the increase of College/University Tuition at the State Level, especially in California. Students are told in High School that college is mandatory to have a fruitful life and live in the elusive middle class, and are told to go into debt to get that degree (more like economic enslavement) with no guarantee. Most of the college professors and administrators are in the 2%, no not the 1% but well ahead of what their students should ever expect to get to. Let’s talk, because the academic bubble is still building and its about to pop – things have gotten way out of hand.

There was a rather troubling segment on ABC News Affiliate in Los Angeles (Eyewitness News 7) recently titled: “CSU Trustees Vote to Raise Tuition by 5% Amid Protest From Students” on March 22, 2017.

First, I’d like to point out that the education hasn’t gotten any better at the California State University System, by all measures and accounts it has gotten worse. Degreed Students are valued less in the marketplace, as employers realize their education isn’t as good, and that those degrees don’t predict the students will be productive employees or even have a clue as to what they are doing.

Most professors, especially tenured professors are not teaching in the classroom much, as they spend lots of time on sabbaticals, and have grad students lecturing now. The increased costs of the university has to do with legacy costs (Pensions) and increase healthcare Cadillac Style Health Care Programs for staff and professors. Although their pension fund is not as bad as the University of California System which highly underfunded, it isn’t breaking any records either – this Trump Bump in the stock market recently has saved their asses (temporarily) if you’d like to know the true skinny on that.

It’s time to face facts – The CSU system (California State University) is broken, academia is broken close the damn universities who give degrees in Gender Studies, Sustainability, Ethnic Equality, LBGT Studies – those kids aren’t going to get work to ever pay off those student loans – academia is on drugs by any rational observable standard – worthless – totally worthless surviving off of Federal Research Grants and Taxpayers and extortion tuition, subsidies and socialist agendas. Some at our think tank online, to put it quite bluntly, say; “To hell with all of it, it’s just BS now,” and I believe these think tank members are absolutely correct.

Why the 5% increase in tuition when enrollment is at an all-time high? Why the increase in tuition without increased benefits? The degrees aren’t worth any more than they were last year, in fact they are worth less now. The California State University System is out-of-control just like the University of California System is, and academia across the country is with student loan debt hovering at 1.4 Trillion Dollars, 45% of those loans have never made a single payment or are 90-days overdue. The academic industrial complex is a giant bubble about to burst, and what does the CSU system do? Raise tuition? Oh, well that’s just going to help a lot lot… NOT!