Sonography School Options: 4 Accredited Ultrasound Technician Schools in Modesto, CA and Nearby

Modesto is a city in California that has successfully blended urban living with small town charm. Located in the San Joaquin Valley, residents enjoy activities like rafting on the Stanislaus River and horseback riding at one of the many ranches. The food options cover the spectrum from meals at four-star restaurants to an abundance of locally produced fruits, vegetables and walnuts. Diagnostic Medical Sonographers in Modesto, California will also find a strong healthcare system serving a regional area.

Sonography Education in Modesto, California

The only way to obtain a credential as a Registered Diagnostic Medical Sonographer is by passing ARDMS examinations. However, certain prerequisites must be met first. The programs accredited by the Commission on Accreditation of Allied Health Programs (CAAHEP) most thoroughly prepare students to master the exams at any point in time and ensure students have met clinical training requirements. In 2014, the accredited ultrasound technician program closest to Modesto is Merced College in Merced, California.

Since ultrasound technician schools limit the number of applicants, it may be necessary to find a program further away. If the student needs financial help for sonography study, there are many different types of scholarships, grants and loan packages available. The school financial aid office is a good place to begin the search, but many scholarships are available outside the schools. The Society for Diagnostic Medical Sonographers is the best starting point.

There are more than 18,000 enrolled at Modesto Junior College in day and evening classes. Within a 30 mile radius are three more universities and colleges with total enrollments of over 19,000 students.

Salary Fact and Job Outlook for Sonographers in Modesto, California

Modesto Diagnostic Medical Sonographers earned significantly more than the national average annual wages for ultrasound technicians. In May 2013, Modesto sonographers earned $77,230 in average annual wages or $37.13 per hour. Nationally, the average wages in May 2013 were $67,170, meaning Modesto sonographer wages were 15 percent higher. The bottom 10 percent of sonographers in Modesto were earning 92 percent of the average national wages.

Modesto is in Stanislaus County, California that is projected to see net job growth of 30 percent for the period 2010 to 2020 for Diagnostic Medical Sonographers. In terms of wages and employment opportunities, Modesto is an excellent location.

A List of Best Diagnostic Medical Sonography Programs in Modesto and Nearby Cities in California

School Name: Merced College

Contact Person: Cheryl Zelinksky

Contact Phone: (209) 384-6170

Program: Certificate

School Name: Community Regional Medical Center

Contact Person: Joy Guthrie

Contact Phone: (559) 459-2731

Program: Certificate

School Name: Foothill College

Contact Person: Kathleen Austin

Contact Phone: (650) 949-7304

Program: Certificate and Associates Degree

School Name: Kaiser Permanente School of Allied Health Sciences

Contact Person: Dorsey Ballow

Contact Phone: (510) 231-5083

Program: Certificate and Bachelors Degree

Nearby States with Accredited Sonography Programs

In 2014, you can find more accredited ultrasound technician schools in the following nearby states:

  • Arizona (3 schools)
  • Nevada (1 school)

5 Accredited Ultrasound Technician Schools in Orange County CA or Nearby

With a population of more than three million people, Orange County, California is a delightful mix of beaches, parks and well-known cities like Santa Ana, Newport Beach and Anaheim. It has a strong economy, and the County of Orange serves as the regional service provider for public health. Diagnostic Medical Sonographers will find a growing healthcare system offering plenty of employment opportunities and a community with a strong interest in healthy living.

Sonography Education in Orange County, California

There are two CAAHEP accredited diagnostic medical sonography schools in Orange County, California. One program is in the city of Cypress in the north part of the county, and is offered by Cypress College. The other is in Costa Mesa in the southern section of the country and is offered by Orange Coast College. The two cities are approximately 16 miles apart, so sonography students can access whichever program is accepting applications. However, there are also CAAHEP accredited programs in Loma Linda and Alhambra, which are in different counties but are less than 50 miles from Orange County. Every school has a financial aid office that can provide a lot of information about available scholarships for sonography study.

Attending a program accredited by the Commission on Accreditation of Allied Health Education Programs is the best decision. These programs are designed to ensure students get the right kind of training needed to meet the ARDMS requirements to sit for exams in order to earn ultrasound certification. There are over 250,000 college and university enrollments in Orange County as of 2014, which is an extremely large student population.

Salary and Job Outlook for Sonographers in Orange County, California

The U.S. Labor Department recognizes Orange Co., CA as the Metropolitan Statistical Area of Santa Ana-Anaheim-Irvine, CA. The May 2013 occupational survey reveals that Diagnostic Medical Sonographers earn excellent annual wages in this area at $77,510 or $37.29 per hour. Compare this to the 67,170 average annual wage or $32.29 per hour for all sonography jobs in the United States. Experience counts in Orange County, with the top 10 percent of sonographers earning $110,330 annually. Orange County has an excellent employment outlook for sonographers also and has experienced continued job growth in the education and health services sector year-over-year.

Accredited Ultrasound Technician Programs in Orange County or Nearby

School Name: Cypress College

Address: 9200 Valley View Street, Cypress 90630

Contact Person: Lynn Mitts

Contact Phone: (714) 484-7221

Program: Certificate

School Name: Orange Coast College

Address: 2701 Fairview Road, Costa Mesa 92628

Contact Person: Cynthia Lynn Reber-Bonhall

Contact Phone: (714) 432-5531

Program: Associates Degree

School Name: Loma Linda University

Address: 11234 Anderson St., Nichol Hall A829, Loma Linda 92354

Contact Person: Marie Delange

Contact Phone: (909) 558-4931

Program: Certificate

School Name: Platt College Los Angeles, LLC

Address: 1000 South Fremont Ave., Suite A9 West, Alhambra 91803

Contact Person: Blanca Caro

Contact Phone: (626) 300-5444

Program: Associates Degree

School Name: University of California San Diego Medical Center

Address: 200 West Arbor Drive, San Diego 92103

Contact Person: Nannette Forsythe

Contact Phone: (619) 543-6617

Program: Certificate

Become a Sonographer in Virginia: Accredited Ultrasound Schools in Virginia

Are you going to study sonography in Virginia? Virginia is a beautiful state with places that lure visitors from around the country. Attractions like Virginia Beach, Colonial Williamsburg and Arlington National Cemetery are popular year round. Virginia is also a favorite of avid sportspeople and has some of the most visually stunning areas in the country, like Shenandoah Valley and the Blue Ridge Highlands. Virginia has a healthcare philosophy that includes health equity, healthy living and high quality birth and early childhood health services. It would not be surprising if job growth for Diagnostic Medical Sonographers exceeds projections as more areas are added to the state’s healthcare programs.

Sonography Education in Virginia

To many students, the thought of attending a Diagnostic Medical School in Virginia sounds quite nice. The good news is that Tidewater Community College offers accredited Associate degrees with a general ultrasound technology concentration. However, two other schools also offer the same degree, with a choice of training at Northern Virginia Community College or Southside Regional Medical Center. All three schools offer CAAHEP accredited training programs in sonography. The curriculum teach the proper use of ultrasound equipment to identify human pathologies. Virginia does not require licensing, but all sonographers in the state should obtain ARDMS credentialing to ensure consideration for the maximum number of positions.

Salaries and Career Outlook for Ultrasound Technicians in Virginia

There are currently 1,330 Diagnostic Medical Sonographers working in Virginia, but the number of ultrasound jobs is growing. Statistics include long-term estimates that project a growth of 70 new positions each year, leading to a total of 1,680 employed ultrasound technologists in 2020. This represents a 40 percent change between 2010 and 2020, which means sonographers will find numerous opportunities. One of the reasons attributed to the job growth in 2013 is related to the Affordable Care Act which encourages states to provide greater healthcare access to underserved populations, including senior citizens. The average annual salary in 2012 was $70,840 according to federal statisticians. Virginia has a number of medical facilities with sterling reputations, including the University of Virginia Medical Center and Lynchburg General Hospital. Besides the traditional jobs, there are also opportunities to get involved in ultrasound technology research efforts.

A List of Best Schools for Diagnostic Medical Sonography Study in the State of Virginia

School Name: Northern Virginia Community College

Address: 6699 Springfield Center Drive, Springfield 22150

City: Springfield

Contact Person: Anita Freeman

Contact Phone: 703-822-9048

Program: Associates Degree

School Name: Tidewater Community College

Address: 1700 College Crescent, Virginia Beach 23453

City: Virginia Beach

Contact Person: Felicia Toreno

Contact Phone: 757-822-7271

Program: Associates Degree

School Name: Southside Regional Medical Center

Address: 737 South Sycamore St, Room 120, Petersburg 23805

City: Petersburg

Contact Person: Ziffie Thomas

Contact Phone: 804-765-5912

Program: Associates Degree

School Name: Piedmont Virginia Comm College

Address: 501 College Dr, Charlottesville 22902

City: Charlottesville

Contact Person: Elaine Nichols

Contact Phone: 434-961-6582

School Name: Ecpi University

Address: 1001 Omni Blvd Ste 200, Newport News 23606

City: Newport News

Contact Person: Kathryn Sheets

Contact Phone: 757-873-2423