The Quantum Theory of Holy Languages

The quantum theory of holy languages (QTHL) encompasses the three most influential fields of knowledge: science kabbalah, quantum physics and mathematic. Applications of this theory in alternative medicine by use existing human experience has many practical statements. In essence, all of QTHL is founded on following fundamental presuppositions:

1. Electricity and magnetic energy exist in the human body, controlling the heartbeat, stimulating muscles, etc. Each molecule in the human body actually contains a small amount of electricity and magnetic energy. Every cell resonates at a particular frequency. Our physical, mental, emotional, and intuitive energies are corresponding to the unique electromagnetic vibrations.

2. The processes that within a human being and between human beings and their environment are managed by electromagnetic vibrations.

3. Indicium’s, human society, the nature and universe form ecology of complex systems and sub-systems all of which interact and mutually influence each other through electromagnetic vibrations

4. The Holy Hebrew is the unique language based on kabalistic sources. The letters and words in Hebrew are coded by a special way. This code describes the harmony of electromagnetic vibrations of light.

5. The sacred texts are coded by codes of electromagnetic vibrations of light, which are depended from properties of letters, words and phrases in Holy Hebrew.

6. The sacred texts codes describe the harmony of colors, as the proportional correlations of RGB (red green blue).

7. Healing Colors Environment is formed by use of the proportional correlations RGB and practical information around psychology of colors and therapeutic properties of colors

The quantum theory of holy languages is addressing to the unique properties of Holy Hebrew in order to coming to conclusive proofs how electromagnetic vibrations and universal harmony of colors are coded in sacred texts. Electromagnetic vibrations or electromagnetic healing is one of the most profound and fundamental alternative therapies in the field of alternative medicine and holistic health that includes bio resonance, sound therapy, color therapy, bio electromagnetic fields etc Therefore this theory have a potential to offer numerous innovations in future.

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Pharmaceutical Science and Its Scope of Study in West Bengal

Very simply speaking, Pharmacy is the science of manufacturing medicinal drugs and dispensing them to the patients for therapeutic need/s. It is such a branch of study that can offer students a potential life-changing career, as it does not only help relatively healthy people maintain their wellbeing but also offers people with serious illnesses the chance to regain their health. The Indian Pharmaceutical industry presently ‘ranks 4th in volume and 13th in value in the global pharmaceutical market with exports worth US Dollars 2.6 billion besides domestic sales amounting to over US Dollars 4 million’ (according to a statistics given by the ‘Pharmacy Council of India’ ). Also, The World Health Organization estimates that between 2016 and 2019, spending on pharmaceuticals across the world will rise drastically – from $300 billion per year to $400 billion a year.

Thus in such an era of growth, the industry would be in demand of huge human resources in job positions of manufacturers knowing latest technology of the science to Quality-control Officers, Drug-Inspectors and Hospital Drug Controllers in various government and private hospitals, Scientists in Research and Innovation, Retailers, Teachers, etc. to even boost the public health-care sector greatly, something upon which every government is interested in as well.

For such a branch of study the basic courses begin with a 2 years Full-time Diploma in Pharmacy (D. Pharm) or a 4 years Full-time Bachelor of Pharmacy (B. Pharm) course, whose syllabus includes a broad range of scientific disciplines that are critical to the discovery and development of new drugs and therapies. At Brainware University in West Bengal, some of the points of interests under the graduation course syllabus would be subjects like the study of Human Anatomy and Physiology to Pharmaceutical Organic Chemistry, Biochemistry, Computer Applications to Pharmacy, Pharmaceutical Microbiology, Pharmaceutical Engineering, Pharmacology, Pharmacognosy, Phytochemistry, and Pharmaceutical Jurisprudence for enforcing laws, rules and regulations in its field of business. Biostatistics, Social and Preventive Pharmacy, Pharmaceutical Marketing, Computer aided Drug Design are some other topics of study within the graduation course. After graduation however, students would definitely get scopes of pursuing Masters and Ph. D courses, as well as MBA in Healthcare Management, if they would like to continue with studies in the said field.

In Bengal, a trusted name to search for D. Pharm courses in Kolkata and B. Pharm courses in Kolkata would surely be The Brainware University, located at Barasat near Kolkata. With the latest infrastructure, an extremely organized administration, a strong faculty base, excellent student-teacher-industry interactions and a huge clean and green campus, the University excels in every educational field, including the Pharmaceutical Sciences as well. Students should join this new-age institution, hoping to be superbly placed in the healthcare sector in future, a sector to be flourishing even more in near future in India.

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What Exactly Is the MCCEE Canadian Medical Exam?

Many medical students from around the world are eager to practice in Canada once qualified. In order for this to occur, they will need to sit for and pass the Medical Council of Canada Evaluating Examination (MCCEE). Students who apply to write this exam must be in their final 20 months of their training program when applying to write it. The student’s school must be listed in the International Medical Education Directory (IMED) as well.

An Essential Prerequisite

All medical school graduates who have studied internationally as well as all U.S. osteopathic surgeons are required to undergo and write the MCCEE medical exam prep if they would like to be able to qualify to write the Medical Council of Canada Qualifying Examinations. The MCCEE is basically a general assessment of a student’s medical knowledge when it comes to the principal disciplines of medicine, and it has been created in order to assess the knowledge and skills that are essential for medical students to have before they will be permitted to enter their first year of fully supervised postgraduate training.

A Multiple Choice Examination

Unlike many other traditional medical examinations, the MCCEE is a computer based option that consists of 180 questions that are based on a multiple choice format. Each question lists five possible answers, of which students need to ensure that they select the best or correct option for each one. The ranges of topics that are covered in this particular exam include Adult Health, Maternal Health, Child Health, Population Health and Ethics and Mental Health. Quite a few of the questions have also been formulated to focus on general practice.

Processing Applications

Students who wish to write this examination will need to provide a certified copy of their non-expired passport, a certified identity confirmation form and a student attestation if they are medical students. Medical graduates will need to submit a copy of their final medical degree or diploma as well. It’s important for students to remember that the entire application process can take a long as three weeks. Although students can apply to take this examination at any time of the year, there are specified dates throughout the year when they will actually be written.

Preparing for Exam Day

Students who are involved in their MCCEE medical exam prep should ensure that they have at least two pieces of government-issued identity documentation with them, each of which has to contain a photo and signature. The names on these documents must match the name that the student has used to register their online MCCEE exam application. Students who arrive at the exam venue without the correct identification will not be allowed to write and will therefore also forfeit the fees that they have paid in.

Once students have written their examination, they will need to sign out of the venue so they can obtain a Test Completion Notice. This serves as proof that they have indeed written the exam and all they will need to do afterwards is await their exam results.